December 7, 2023

Life is possible in this world due to continuous reproduction. Reproduction is the formation of the fetus that takes place in every living organism. It is the production of an offspring by a sexual or asexual process.  It is also said to be the mechanism of species continuation. Reproduction happens when a new organism is created by combining the genetic material of two organisms. Each of the parents contributes half of the chromosomes and the offspring develops, inheriting traits from each of the parent. The process of reproduction involves the fusion of ovary and the male sperm through the female reproductive tract. The sperm passes through the tract with the help of a fluid called the semen. Semen contains ductile fluids and proteins along with urea, spermatozoa, vitamins and sulphur. It is responsible for the survival of the sperm till it reaches the ovary and provides the nutrients for the sperm. It carries the sperm through the female reproductive tract.

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The semen contains nearly 400 -500 million spermatozoa. Out of which only a couple of hundreds reaches the uterus and only one tend to fuse with the ovum. The speed at which the semen is ejected into the vagina also plays a part in fusion. Semen is produced when the male has sexual intercourse or sexual activity. This is when the penis erects. This is due to the hydraulic effect of the blood entering and retained within the penis. When the person is sexually aroused, signals are transmitted from the brain to the nerves in the penis. When the penis does not erect or is not firm enough for sex, then it is said that the male is suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is also called as impotency and sometimes affects the ability to eject the sperm. This has negative effects on life like depression, zero sex life, anxiety, fear and low self-esteem. There are many factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Men with more awareness on erectile dysfunction are less likely to experience it. If a person is suffering from endocrine diseases like diabetes, it can lead to nerve damage. Nerves play an important role in penis erection. This in turn will affect the penis sensations. Diabetes can also cause impaired blood flow and hormone levels which are the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Consuming certain medications can have a significant effect on the body. Medications for cancer chemotherapy, central nervous system stimulants etc. contain compounds which can cause impotency when taken in a long run.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Emotional disorders and lifestyle factors play an important role in impotency. There are certain pills available in the market to prevent erectile dysfunction. Some choose to buy generic levita online. They are not used to prevent dysfunction problems but help to sustain an erection during sex. These pills are used in place of Viagra as they are not having the desired results. One reason why people choose to buy generis Levitra online is because of the price. It is cheaper and affordable making it easier for the common people to buy. Being vigilant when buying drugs online is safer to make sure of expiry dates.