May 21, 2024
How to give an erotic massage Spice it up with tools!

While trying to learn how to give an erotic massage, it is fairly useful to involve erotic and massage tools that will make the whole deed more pleasant and sharpen your senses. This will liven the whole activity up, intensify it and sensualize it. There are many tools to choose from whether we are talking something sensual, titillating or just pleasant in general.

How to give an erotic massage with different kinds of tools

1)      Use oils, creams, gel or waxes

The most important tools overall to be used are certain types of essential oils, aromatic creams, and oil candles that change the whole act with their fragrances and slipperiness. They will intensify and relieve the receiver and also heal certain body parts in different ways.

2)      Chocolate, whipping cream etc.

You can sweeten the whole process up with all kinds of sweet foods spread over your partner‘s body. The act of spreading affects the body in a relaxing way while the following “act of removing“ of these snacks charges the atmosphere of eroticism.

3)      Affect his senses to the maximum

The erotic massage sensuality can be underlined by a scarf wrapped around the receivers eyes. That way he can focus on his sense of touch better and intensify his experience. You can also use the scarf to tie his hands creating a complete partner‘s devotion to you. Feathers and feathery fans both work in a similar way of light and sensual tickling of the receiver.

erotic massage

4)      Warmth heals

It is no news that warmth affects the body beneficially. Therefore having hot towels by your hand during the massage together with warming cushion and warmed up mittens. All those things will enhance the feeling of relaxation of the body and mind as well as the sexuality of the massage.

5)      King/Queen alike setting

During a practice like this, one should not neglect the surroundings. Noone would like to be massaged in a dirty, smelly and disturbing room where relaxation is hard to achieve as well as devote self fully. Therefore you should keep in mind where the massage will také place and adjust the setting accordingly. Clean up the mess around, hang some silken sheets pleasant to touch, dim the lights, light up the aromatic candles and sticks and turn on some slow, oriental music. Wear some pleasant clothing or maybe nothing at all.

6)      Tools

Spiky massage gloves, sticks with bristles and all kinds of rollers and balls can also be used during the act because despite the whole eroticism of the deed you should also focus on helping your mate out by the massage.

7)      Don’t hesitate to use all kinds of erotic tools

Despite all the alternatives it is still an erotic massage, therefore it is not undesired to use sex tools and toys. The wholeness of the process can be reached by vibrating mittens, lubricant or vibrating eggs. Ringlets and vibrators can also be used. The whole act invites you to finish it with sex or at least orgasm of the receiver so why not use all the tools to achieve this very pleasant aim?

Erotic massage is expected to liven up your sex life and if done correctly, both you and your partner may look forward to the reward in shape of better sex and deeper orgasms. And it’s the mentioned tools that you know now as well that will lead the practice to perfection. Your partner will now surely be relaxed and pleased more than ever in his lifetime and you will pride yourself with the newly acquired skills and fulfilled sex life.

Have you ever used some of these tools during your erotic massage? Are you going to try them? Share your experiences and ideas in the comment section below.