May 21, 2024

While male enhancement surgery can give you quick results on penis enlargement, you still need to consider many things before deciding to undergo it. You need to consider how the surgery will be done, how it can affect you, etc. Bigger and better manhood is what most men desire to achieve.  There are various methods that are available to use in increasing penis size. One method that can probably provide the best outcome within the shortest amount of time is male enhancement surgery medically known as “Phalloplasty.” Since this is an invasive process, you need to consider it carefully. Below are some important details about this method that can help you in your decision making.  What Phalloplasty Offers? It is a procedure that alters the penis in various ways.  The shaft of the penis could change in girth and length when a man undergoes this surgical procedure.  It is the shaft that changes and not the head of the penis known as the Corona.  You need to understand as well that the process will produce cosmetic changes to the penis; only its physical attributes will change and not in any way affect or alter the biological mechanisms of the penis.

Pumping for Length and Girth

Change in length

You might not be aware, but the length of your member that extends from your body is only two-thirds of its true size.  Inside your body, there are still about 8-10 centimeters of the penis. There is a cavity inside your body through which the remaining penile length hangs from your pubic bone. It is suspended by two ligaments or connective tissues that also anchor the external tissue of the penis to your body. Through surgery, this internal part is freed and allows the penis to gain in length, both in flaccid state and in erect state.  Once the surgery is done successfully, you will notice that even in the flaccid state, your penis may be two or three centimeters longer. Even if it is limp, there will be a noticeable increase in its length.  When it is erect, you can expect further good results.  After surgery, you can expect to have a crucial retraction.  During normal healing, scarring occurs that at times can cause the tissues to contract. This contraction is controlled by a counterweight until the shaft has completely healed.  Concerns have been raised about releasing the ligaments and possibly damaging penis elevation after it has been operated. The skill of the doctor who operated on you will determine whether or not the tissues will obtain circulation and become permanent.