December 7, 2023

Matchmaking is the process where two or more individuals or groups or parties will be put into contact with each other by a familiar friend or acquaintance for getting their individual needs to be fulfilled.


Matchmaking can be of many kinds. They are

  1. Matchmaking for common goals: Like-minded individuals get together to achieve their common goal

2.Matchmaking for sports: Enthusiasts in games who get together to increase their skill level or to play matches

3.Matchmaking for marriage: Individuals who are interested in getting married and are looking for their loved ones.

4.Matchmaking for dating: Individuals who are interested d in a relationship with other individuals, which may lead to marriage.


Humans being social animals and civilized always want to have a social structure with family. Most individuals in society get married at some point in their life to lead a happy life. Marriage is a holy ceremony where two individuals will be tied together via vows of loving and taking care of each other. While few of us get to marry our childhood sweetheart or coworker or next door neighbor etc., but not everyone is that lucky in finding a perfect match to be a life partner. For individuals like that “matchmaking” is an ideal tool as it allows individuals to get into contact with people they may not know but are like minded and compatible. These interactions can easily lead to the person they are looking for and eventually, their ultimate goal of getting married. The process of matchmaking is very successful in some cultures, and there will be individuals who will take responsibility formatching two compatible people. Matchmaking is being used not only by ordinary people but also by people, including celebrities and politicians.


As time advanced, so did matchmaking. With the invent of the internet, matchmaking can now be done all around the world a person in one country can look for an individual in another country halfway around the globe. Dedicated websites committed to matchmaking started this global event possible. Due to this global connections lot of people around the world who are interested have access to profiles of individuals who are willing to date or marriage which takes a significant amount of time to filter and match potential suitors which may cause issues to individuals who wants to get into a commitment quickly. So to address this issue a new concept called “Speed dating,” has been introduced. In this speed dating, all the individuals who are interested in alliance or looking for a commitment are got together at a gathering and are allowed to talk with each other to share their ideas, interests, andintentions.If any of those individuals are interested in each other, they can proceed further to achieve their goals. If their interests do not match or due to any other reason if they are not compatible, they can start looking at the other individuals in the group. By following this, speed dating method of matchmaking allows a large number of individuals who can interact with a large number of people in quick time.