February 5, 2023
Tantric massage hong kong

If tantra massage sounds really ancient and mystical, then you are probably right: tantra is best described as a way of life, and it has been practiced for centuries in many countries. However, tantric massage is a form of erotic and sensual massage with a twist, when the recipient should enjoy the massage without any expectations. This allows you to fully surrender to the therapist’s gentle touch and enjoy the experience without letting you interfere. The main difference between Western and Tantric massage is that you can touch the whole body, which, according to the followers of this ancient art, is the only way to direct and release sexual energy.

One of the most basic foundations of tantric massage is that the donor and recipient must have an existing emotional connection. According to this definition, all commercial tantric massage services fly out of the window. It is almost impossible for a woman or man to enjoy and benefit from a tantra massage if he or she receives it from a stranger. The element of trust and intimacy is of paramount importance in all tantric techniques, tantric exercises and rituals of tantra.

Tantric massage hong kong should be performed in an environment that promotes complete relaxation and any intimate contact that you can follow. Obviously, you must also ensure complete confidentiality and freedom from possible interference. Therefore, all contacts with the outside world should be interrupted. The surface on which the massage will be carried out should be equipped with a comfortable mattress or a mattress with a freshly washed sheet. Roll towels to support the neck and knees are essential.

Tantric massage hong kong

Begin this tantric ritual with the recipient lying on your stomach. Start with a light foot massage and then switch your attention to the neck and shoulders. These areas have vital pressure points, which, if treated with light but powerful massage strokes, relax the body. A masseuse can begin to massage the upper middle and lower back, continuing in these areas until all nodes and tension are removed from the muscles. Then gently rotate the container so you can work in front, read more at http://kaishunmassagehongkong.net/sensual-massage-parlors-in-hong-kong-a-guide-for-first-time-visitors/.

Remember that this form of massage concerns not only relaxation, but also the development of tantra energy in the body of the recipient. When this energy is released and begins to flow, Kundalini wakes up. It charges and balances the chakras, the energy centers that are distributed along the central axis of the body. By activating the chakras, you get several physical and emotional benefits for the recipient.


It is wonderful that sexual activity follows massage, but such activity should be preceded by at least half an hour of massage of the patient. If your partner has completely relaxed as a result of a tantra massage, sexual intercourse can be impressive.